Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Best of Bakersfield

The central Sierra Nevada mountains recorded the largest snowpack in history this past year and that follows last years third largest snowpack. Translation....alot of water for the San Joaquin Valley, the cities and farmland from Sacramento to Bakerfield. In fact, there is so much water they don't know what to do with it all so for the time being they are allowing it to flood the fields just outside of town. For Bakersfield resisents like myself who love nature and like to get out and romp around it is an incredible godsend. We now have marshes,a running river,water lilies, green grass in June, and an abundance of wildlife which includes bobcats, rabbits galore, and an incredible variety of waterfowl. For most this might not seem like much so let me paint you a brief picture of what Bakersfield is normally like in June. No running river, not even a trickle, tumbleweeds everywhere, grasses burn't to the crisp,lizards, snakes and a few other critters which normally can only be found in desert climates, and nothing but a whole lot of dirt and dust everywhere. Got the picture?....Old timers say they haven't seen this much water in these parts since before the Lake Isabella dam was built way back in the 1940's. Bakersfield may not be a great place to live for nature lovers like myself but for now I am going to enjoy the present beauty while it lasts which probably won't be too much longer. The river will probably be shut down sometime in late June and by August we will probably go back to the usual scorched earth around here...so...in the meantime I intend to hop on my bike every couple of days like I did this morning and enjoy the beauty that God has bestowed upon the residents of Bakersfield. Even the poor deserve a few scraps from time to time!

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