Monday, September 24, 2007

Enchanted Words

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Can you guess what all these phases mean?...hint...they all mean the same thing...

Afrikaans---- EK het jou life
Albanian---- Te dua
Arabic---- Ana behibek
Armenian---- Yes kez sirumen
Bulgarian---- Obicham te
Cantonese/Chinese---- Ngo oiy ney a
Creol---- Mi aime jou
Danish---- Jeg Elsker Dig
Dutch---- ik hou van jou
Finnish---- Mina rakastan sinua
German---- Ich liebe dich
Hawaiian---- Aloha wau ia oi
Hebrew---- Ani ohev otah
Hindi---- Hum Tumhe Pyar Karte hai
Irish---- Taim I’ ngra leat
Japanese---- Aishiteru
Korean---- Sarang Heyo
Mandarin---- Wo ai ni
Mohawk---- Kanbhik
Nepali---- Ma Timilai Maya Garchhu
Norwegian---- Jeg Elsker Deg
Pig Latin---- lay ovlay ouyay
Sioux---- Techihhila
Swedish---- Jag alskar dig
Taiwanese---- Wag a ei li
Thai---- Phom rak khun
Yiddish---- ikh hob dikh
Welsh---- Rwy’n dy garu

Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Warrior Within

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The warrior inside of us helps us speak out and to fight for what nourishes our minds, our hearts, and our souls, and to vanquish those things that sap and deplete the human spirit by speaking the truth about them and refusing to accept them or to allow them into our lives…The warrior teaches us to claim our power and assert our identity in the world…and assert that we have the right to be alive…the warrior inside refuses to give up on anyone and anything…warriors learn to trust their own judgment about what is harmful and, perhaps most important, they develop the courage to fight for what they want or believe in, even when doing so requires great risk—the loss of job, a mate, friends, social regard, or even their very lives…but…warriors often become burned out because they live life as a struggle against others and against parts of themselves that they regard as unworthy…stoic warriors sacrifice everything else to become performance machines. I sometimes think that men who die from heart attacks induced by work related stress can be seen as dying from hearts broken by believing that on one cares how they feel as long as they make money for the company and the family....The Hero Within, Carol Pearson

Back on Track?

I haven't posted anything for the past week because I couldn't figure how to access my pictures on my Photobucket account. For some strange reason I couldn't send any pictures to this blog. Finally, I gave up and opened up an account with Picasa. I have used Picasa in the past but I had problems so I switched over to Photobucket. If anyone reading this blog entry has a suggestion on any other websites that will allow me to post my pictures to my blog I am all ears. In the meantime I use Picasa until I can find a better mousetrap....

College Football Predictions

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Saturday, September 15, 2007

It's early Saturday morning and I have a lot to do today but I hope to watch some college football later today. I probably won't sit down and watch any game in it's entirety except for the USC/Nebraska game later this evening. There are some interesting and important games on tap today and here are my predictions....

Notre Dame at Michigan:

Michigan beats Notre Dame 17-10. It will be an ugly game for two ugly teams. No tears will be shed on my end of the things if both teams lose the rest of their games because I don't care for either team...especially Notre Dame...would you expect anything else from a USC fan???

Tennessee at Florida:

Florida beats Tennessee 31-20. I am giving the edge to Florida because the game is at Florida and Tennessee doesn't generally play up to expectations in big games...with that said....this could be a trap game for Florida because they have whopped up on a couple of pansies and they might be overrated and overconfident and Tennessee will come into the swamp with a chip on their shoulder...So, if there is a upset special this week, this could be the game.

Ohio State at Washington:

Ohio State beats Washington 21-14.The pundits are leaning towards a Washington upset but I don't see it. The Big Ten has taken its lumps the past two weeks but Ohio State will demonstrate that the Big Ten is not going to roll over. Ohio State will rise up and say enough is enough. Washington has a hot freshmen quarterback and they have won their two first games but Ohio State is too solid on defense and Washington will be reminded they still have a long way to go before they are a top ten team.

USC at Nebraska:

USC beats Nebraska 31-10. This is the biggest game in Nebraska in a long, long, time and the fans are hyped out of their minds. While the stadium will be a sea of red on Saturday the Cornhusker players will be seeing stars by the fourth quarter. I predict the hype will work against Nebraska because USC knows how to come up big in big games. They are 57-4 over the past six years and the only big game USC has lost was to Texas...and...they should have won that game. USC is too big, too fast, and too deep. Hostile environment or not Booty will calmly pick apart the Nebraska defense and the stable of Trojan runners will have their way by the second half. Over the past two weeks LSU and Oklahoma have received a lot of loving from the media but USC will demonstrate later today why they have been the most dominant college football program in the past six years.... Nebraska fans...Have fun at the tailgate party and the pre-game warm-ups...and enjoy your few moments in the sun in the early part of the game, while USC rubs off a bit of rust, but get out the crying towels at halftime because it isn't going to be a happy ending for Big Red machine. I know this isn't what you want to hear but you need to face the truth. A Cornhusker isn't in the same league as a Greek Warrior.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Ten things I don't care about

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1. I don't care if my students tuck their shirts in...damn dress code...

2. I don't care who which team wins the Big Ten this year...The Pac-10
representative is going to whack whoever comes out west.

3. I don't care who wins the Republican presidential nominee. I am not going to vote
for any of them...I may not vote for the Democrat presidential nominee either.

4. I don't care about the opinions of radio talk show hosts...There all are a bunch
of losers in my opinion.

5. I don't care about what people think about me anymore...except...for the people
who really care about me.

6. I don't care if the projected Wal-mart Superstore near my house ever gets built.
I prefer Costco. They pay their workers 40% more and their top C.E.O. only makes
350,000 a year.

7. I don't care what George Bush does any more. He is going to do what he wants
and neither public opinion or reality is going to penetrate his armor of
self assurance and certainty.

8. I don't care if the housing market collapses. It may be the only way I can
ever afford a house...I do care about the people who have lost their homes to
foreclosures but I have almost no sympathy for all the speculators and others
who drove up the market to make a quick buck..

9. I don't care if my friends and colleagues poke fun at me for liking Desperate
Housewives. It's my life and I might care a little if they actually took time
to watch the show before jumping to conclusions about what the show is about.

10. I don't care if USC wins the national championship or not. It's just a silly
game...just emotional well being depends on it.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Quote of the Day

I’d rather be a dysfunctional soul than a well adjusted robot....Thomas Moore

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Moral Outrage

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Bakersfield newspaper headlines read, "Lawmen cleared in incident"...Yesterday 11 local police and sheriff officers were cleared of a killing a lone 24 year gunmen in Bakersfield who refused to drop his weapon. The Bakersfield Police Department's shooting review board determined the police officers were acting in self defense and within the state and federal guidelines. Apparently the officers were being questioned regarding whether they used excessive force in the killing...Now the rest of the story...Apparently the officers were responding to reports of shots being fired in a neighborhood. The officers arrived at the scene to find the suspect hiding underneath a camper shell in the backyard. The officers attempted to get the suspect to surrender his weapon and when he refused, the officers shot and killed the suspect....Now some of the details. While the suspect did refuse to give up his weapon he did not shoot at the police officers, although it reported he waved his weapon in their direction. There is also no evidence the suspect shot at anyone else prior to the arrival of the police officers...and now the outrage...The police officers shot over 100 rounds at the suspect...The corner recovered 35 bullets from the the worst of it. The police chief testified that the police officers showed incredible restraint before the shooting began...and now, I can't believe what I am hearing....According to the police report the officers spent 4 minutes trying to get the suspect to surrender his weapon before the barrage of bullets ended the suspects life....I confess I may not know all the details but if these facts are true I can't questioning what the hell is going on!!!!
This is not the first time the Bakersfield police department has been publicly scrutinized. Over the years they have gained a reputation of shooting first and asking questions later...and...statistics appear to support this perception since Bakersfield has the highest number of suspects killed by police officers in the state, if not the country. So when does a four minute conversation amount to using incredible restraint?..Couldn't they have given him a couple of more minutes...Couldn't they have used tear gas??? Asked a family member to get him to surrender???? I can think of numerous other things they could have done....Couldn't they have made a couple of shots and then try again?....This sounds like a senseless killing to me and undermines the faith people are supposed to have in our local law enforcement agency....I smell an outside investigation brewing and a potential lawsuit against the Bakersfield Police department.....I don't mean to jump to conclusions but I sure as hell hope I don't get pulled over by the local police in the near future....