Sunday, September 23, 2007

The warrior inside of us helps us speak out and to fight for what nourishes our minds, our hearts, and our souls, and to vanquish those things that sap and deplete the human spirit by speaking the truth about them and refusing to accept them or to allow them into our lives…The warrior teaches us to claim our power and assert our identity in the world…and assert that we have the right to be alive…the warrior inside refuses to give up on anyone and anything…warriors learn to trust their own judgment about what is harmful and, perhaps most important, they develop the courage to fight for what they want or believe in, even when doing so requires great risk—the loss of job, a mate, friends, social regard, or even their very lives…but…warriors often become burned out because they live life as a struggle against others and against parts of themselves that they regard as unworthy…stoic warriors sacrifice everything else to become performance machines. I sometimes think that men who die from heart attacks induced by work related stress can be seen as dying from hearts broken by believing that on one cares how they feel as long as they make money for the company and the family....The Hero Within, Carol Pearson

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