Tuesday, September 11, 2007

1. I don't care if my students tuck their shirts in...damn dress code...

2. I don't care who which team wins the Big Ten this year...The Pac-10
representative is going to whack whoever comes out west.

3. I don't care who wins the Republican presidential nominee. I am not going to vote
for any of them...I may not vote for the Democrat presidential nominee either.

4. I don't care about the opinions of radio talk show hosts...There all are a bunch
of losers in my opinion.

5. I don't care about what people think about me anymore...except...for the people
who really care about me.

6. I don't care if the projected Wal-mart Superstore near my house ever gets built.
I prefer Costco. They pay their workers 40% more and their top C.E.O. only makes
350,000 a year.

7. I don't care what George Bush does any more. He is going to do what he wants
and neither public opinion or reality is going to penetrate his armor of
self assurance and certainty.

8. I don't care if the housing market collapses. It may be the only way I can
ever afford a house...I do care about the people who have lost their homes to
foreclosures but I have almost no sympathy for all the speculators and others
who drove up the market to make a quick buck..

9. I don't care if my friends and colleagues poke fun at me for liking Desperate
Housewives. It's my life and I might care a little if they actually took time
to watch the show before jumping to conclusions about what the show is about.

10. I don't care if USC wins the national championship or not. It's just a silly
game...just kidding...my emotional well being depends on it.


Kansas Bob said...

Hi Bill,

A few unthoughtful thoughts on your thoughts:

3. What if they nominate Ron Paul?

4. Ditto for me.

5. You are freer than me!

6. I don't like CostCo and don't know why since I haven't been to one in years.

7. I care but agree with your assessment of W.

9. I am swearing off DH this year ... of course the new season hasn't started :)

Hope all is well.


Dave said...

1. I'm with you on that one, but it sounds like you're being called on to enforce the rulez N-E-way...

2. Fair enough.

3. The only reason I would care is that there is still a chance that we could wind up with another Republican president and that would be rather depressing to me, especially if it's Giuliani who to me is cut out of the same bogus "less than meets the eye" cloth of G.W. Bush.

4. Depends on which radio talk show host you're referring to. There are a few that I tend to agree with.

5. I have not yet arrived at that level of serene detachment.

6. I never patronize Wal-Mart myself. I'll go to Meijer or Target if I need to do the Big Box thing.

7. See #5 - he's still capable of doing damage but you're right, I can't get too emotionally engaged or worked up about the guy.

8. Houses are pretty affordable here in Michigan!

9. I've never watched Desperate Housewives but Julie Bogart mocked me for saying I like Mandy Moore. Does that count for empathy?

10. I have no emotional investment in any team winning a national championship this year. Even if the Lions make the playoffs, I don't expect them to go more than two rounds into it - and that would be a delirious experience. The Tigers are about to fade out, the Giants are long gone and those are the only sports I care about. But I'd be fine with another Trojans mythical national championship if it came to that...

preacherruss said...

Amen on that DH thing...I love that show.