Friday, August 15, 2008

I started my twenty second year of teaching this past Wednesday. Not much to report. After twenty years the beginning of another school year is no longer filled with as much anticipation as it was in the past…but…it is also not filled with anxiety either. It is what it is, a comfortable feeling. It’s not that I am indifferent because I do feel a deep sense of gratitude about being able to do something I sincerely enjoy for such a long time in the same place…I just don’t get too worked up in the way I did when I was younger. I hope my current psychological state of mind represents maturity. I am currently teaching three preps, sociology, civics, and economics. There will be plenty to talk about in my civics class with the upcoming election and all.

While I have been somewhat of an absent landlord on this blog since I got home from vacation I have actually been blogging on a regular basis on my relationship blog…Over the past six years I have spent a significant amount of time reading, thinking, and reflecting on the nature of relationships and I thought it might be therapeutic to write about what I have read and been thinking about…and…I thought it was about time I give back to the cyberspace community what has been passed along to me by others. Blogging can easily become a narcissist exercise and it is my hope that my ponderings on relationships might be helpful to others and contribute to the overall betterment of my fellow cyberspace pilgrims.

I have done a lot of reading this summer and will probably include a few blog entries in the weeks to come about what I have been reading. Right now I am reading a book on back pain and I intend to pass along some of the information from the book soon. My back has been bothering me since last May, so I figured it was time to look into the subject at greater length.