Saturday, February 23, 2008

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Ten straight victories, eleven if you count the out of the country voters. A blow-out in Wisconsin last some political pundits suggest Hilary Clinton may have to win as much as 65 percent of the votes in the remaining primaries to get enough delegates to win the Democratic nomination. It certainly looks like Obama now has the upper hand. I won't declare victory at this time but it sure looks like Hilary Clinton's only chance is to complete a couple of "Hail Mary" passes...I haven't said much about the primaries up to this point but I have been following the this particular election year for some time now and decided to support Barack Obama about three weeks ago. I do find this particular election year the most interesting in my lifetime but am cautious because I have become increasingly cynical about politics as I have gotten older. So, why have I decided to jump on the Obama bandwagon? Probably, for some of the similar reasons a lot of other folks have stated. For me, the bottom line is that I think he has the "best chance" of bringing about some long needed changes on the political front. I think he has the best chance because Obama does represent a new "attitude" towards the political process. I am not talking about his message of hope but rather the general demeanor he has modeled during the campaign and the debates. Obama "genuinely", imo, repeatedly appears to acknowledge common ground with his opponents...and...I don't think it is a calculated political ploy on his part but I believe it is just the nature of his personality and worldview....Another bottom line...While Hilary and McCain obviously have a lot more experience than Obama I don't think their experience will be able to handle the gridlock in Washington as well as Obama's ability to work with others...and...I think Obama's oratory prowess will put pressure on congress to make some long needed changes...At this point I do believe Obama has all the momentum and I expect him to be the next president of the United States but whether he is able to bring about the kind of change he talks about will have to wait for the next chapter in the book. And,as much as I like Obama and find his message inspiring and his demeanor refreshing he is just a man and the power of the President is limited by the power of Congress and the will of the people...and...that is why our Presidents don't wear Superman capes or jump over tall buildings now matter how much we want or hope they can....

Monday, February 11, 2008


I just got back from L.A. I drove down today to see the new U-2/HD/3-D concert. It was electrifying and inspiring. Nothing like seeing Bono and the rest of the band up close. I have never attended a live U-2 concert but I can't imagine I could get any closer to the action than I did tonight. At one point Bono and my hand touched, well kind of...Got to love those 3-D glasses. Old fashioned virtual reality...While the concert was the shortest U-2 concert I have seen to date, every song was a winner. No fluff, just pure energy from beginning to end. U-2 has again set the bar so high that all any other band can do at this time is look up and shake their awe... and U-2 has again solidified their stranglehold on being the best live band on the planet. I just wish I could have shared this moment with someone. I couldn't get anyone to go so I went solo. Everything about the performance and the production was great. U-2 is at the top of their game right now and I don't know if they can get any recommend you checking this concert out because this kind of performance is so rare you might not see this kind of band again in your lifetime...I went down at noon to catch the early showing but it was already sold out so I had to occupy myself until the six o'clock was a long day...but a Beautiful Day...Thanks U-2...You never disappoint.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Blogging is in my blood

While I have been quiet lately in regards to posting anything on this particular blog my life has been anything but quiet. I won't bore you with the personal stuff but while I have not posted much here, lately, I have been working on two other blogs I intend to introduce in the weeks or months to come. I guess you could say that blogging is now in my blood. The new blogs will revolve around the "nature of relationships" and some of the influential books I have read...I haven't launched either blog yet because I am going to try a new strategy. I am writing and saving a number of blog entries before I launch the blogs, that way, I won't feel pressured to always write new material. I enjoy blogging but I don't like to feel like I "have" to keep up with blog entries and since I will have four blogs going at the same time I suspect it will be a challenge. I generally try to blog when I have the time and I "feel" like it, but that sometimes leads to no blog entries for weeks at a time which I don't like'll see what happens with this new approach...

I have also been spending a significant amount of time experimenting with my new SLR camera. I am reading books, taking a class, and going out to take pictures. At the present time I don't have any pictures to share but when I do I'll probably post them over at my blog, Bilbo's World in Pictures

Regarding politics...I have been following the primaries, particularly the race between Obama and Clinton. I have decided to support Obama but I won't be crushed if he doesn't get the nomination because whoever is the next president is going to inherit some serious problems and I won't be surprised if the next president is booted out after only one term. My biggest fear is that the democrats will win and get blamed for the mess created by the last administration and the Republicans will come back with a vengeance in 2012. I admit this is a pessimistic approach to politics but I do feel strongly that the numerous problems we face as a nation are as serious as any time in recent history since the 1960's...I hope I am wrong by the way...Monday I am headed to L.A. with my two sons to see the new U-2 HD/3-D concert at the IMAX theater. I can't wait...In the meantime, I am heading out to take some pictures and I'll probably post something about the concert when I get back....