Friday, January 30, 2009

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Since I tackled my favorite soundtracks a couple of days ago I thought I would next move on to my some of my all-time favorite songs. Here is a list of twenty of my favorite songs with a few brief comments. The order is random and doesn't correlate with the songs.

1. Strange Waters by Bruce Cockburn. This modern day psalm captures my journey and state of my soul better than any song.

2. Your Song by Elton John. I fell in love with this song in 1970 and I have loved it ever since.

3. Into the West by Annie Lennox from the Lord of the Rings soundtrack. I want this song to be played at my funeral. It touches my soul every time I hear it.

4. Jeremy by Pearl Jam. I can relate to Jeremy. I feel your pain and someday hope to meet you in the next life.

5. Almost any song by the Cambridge Singers. This is what the angels will be singing when I walk through the pearly gates.

6. Beyond These Shores by Iona. My latest favorite song. This song lifts my soul when I am lonely and feeling down.

7. Nights in White Satin by the Moody Blues. Classic rock. I can still remember listening to this song late at night on the local FM stations as a kid.

8. Child of the Wind by Bruce Cockburn. I swear this song is about me. If I ever meet Cockburn I am going to ask him he wrote this song with me in mind.

9. Good Morning Sunshine by Oliver. I wish I could wake up to this song every morning. It's better than coffee.

10. Seascapes by Michael Jones. I have been listening to this song/album for over 20 years and I never get tired of listening to it.

11.U-2. I can't just pick one. How about the following, Bad, 40, City of Blinding Lights, New Years Day, With or Without You, Unforgettable Fire, and Until the End of the World. Ask me another day and I'll probably give you a five or six different songs.

12. The Walrus by the Beatles. One of the most unique and weird song I have ever heard. It's right up there with "Puffy Little Clouds" by The Orb.

13. Faceless Man by Creed. When the angst meter is running high I turn to this song by Creed. Scott Stapp must have broken a blood vessel when recording this song in the studio.

14. Winter and I Can't see New York by Tori Amos. The most beautiful haunting songs by this wonderful artist.

15. From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea. Before there was Nirvana and grunge there was The Cure.

16. Riders on the Storm by the Doors. Oldie but goodie.

17. Kashmir by Led Zeppelin. The best gym work out song in history.

18. I'm Your Captain by Grand Funk Railroad. Thanks Dave for bringing this song back into my life and thanks USC for beating Michigan. I won this song in a bet.

19. Caoineadh Cu Chulainn (Lament) Riverdance This song captures the soul and spirit of the Irish.

20. Almost any song by John Michael Talbot. His songs take me back to my spiritual roots.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Favorite Soundtracks

I started buying movie soundtracks prior to the release of the Lord of the Rings. I was so excited about seeing the movie I just had to get something to keep me from going over the edge before the opening night. This is also when I started buying LOTR's action figures, but that's another story for another time. Here is a list of some of my favorite movie soundtracks. I think soundtracks are generally under appreciated and underrated.

1. The Lord of the Rings, all three soundtracks... Like the movie, the music is majestic and epic. I put it in the league with listening to one of Bach's Masses.

2. Friends, Elton John...Many years ago Elton John performed the music for a movie called Friends. I don't know anything about the movie. I think it was a French production but the music is very romantic and some of his best. If you like early Elton John, you'll like this little gem. I doubt if the soundtrack is still available but many of the songs can be found on his Rare Masters album.

3. Dances With Wolves: This soundtrack is as big, and bold as the broad sweeping landscape and cinematography of the film.

4. Into the Wild: Eddie Vedder the front man for Pearl Jam sings the songs for this soundtrack. A match made in heaven. His haunting voice is perfect for the storyline.

5. Braveheart: I am a sucker for anything Irish or Celtic. This soundtrack helps to
reinforce my opinion that pound for pound the Irish are the best.

6. The Last Samurai and The House of Flying Daggers: When I want or need to be in a
moment I turn on either one of these two soundtracks.

7. In the Name of the Father: Oldy but goody. The movie stars Daniel Day Lewis. An eclectic collection of songs but the soundtrack is worth it for the songs by Bono and Sinead Oconner. Powerful stuff. Maybe one of Bono's best.

8. Once Soundtrack: Nice collection of catchy tunes. Loved the movie. One of my favorites form last year. Alot of passion went into the movie and some of the songs.

9. Titanic: Great date music. Very romantic, just like the movie.

10. The Chronicles of Narnia soundtrack: I actually like and think the soundtrack is better than the movie. Give it a listen sometime.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Random Thoughts about Bilbo

I noticed a number of fellow cyberspace junkies posting 15 to 25 random thoughts about themselves. I really enjoyed reading what they wrote so I thought I would post some random thoughts about myself.

25. I once lost 25 pounds in six days.

24. My family were migrant field workers from Oklahoma.

23. I was adopted by my grandparents.

22. I was born in Santa Cruz California.

21. I wanted to be a forest ranger up until I was 20.

20. I once saw a Unicorn in the wild...kind of...really.

19. I attended four different colleges.

18. My favorite musicians are U-2 and Bruce Cockburn. It's a tie.

17. My favorite "current" authors are David Richo and
Thomas Moore.

16. I aspire to be a very good photographer someday.

15. I have cried more in the past year than in all my previous years combined.

14. I am a book collector. I specialize in illustrated books.

13. I own too many pairs of shoes.

12. I hope to get married again someday. Bag End has been a lonely
place for too long.

11. I have a Russian Icon that hangs above my bed.

10. My favorite vacation destination is Redwood National Park.

9. I think we should slash the military budget in half.

8. My two sisters married the same guy at different times in their lives.

7. I love the wind blowing on my face.

6. I don't get it why so many people like the popular reality shows.

5. I once beat my chess coach 40 plus times in a row.

4. I never acquired a taste for coffee,tea, beer, wine.

3. I eat a Healthy Choice chocolate bar almost every night.

2. Chris Matthews is my favorite political pundit and Charlie Rose my favorite

1. I hope to take a trip to Europe and go on a cross country drive before I die.