Sunday, January 25, 2009

I noticed a number of fellow cyberspace junkies posting 15 to 25 random thoughts about themselves. I really enjoyed reading what they wrote so I thought I would post some random thoughts about myself.

25. I once lost 25 pounds in six days.

24. My family were migrant field workers from Oklahoma.

23. I was adopted by my grandparents.

22. I was born in Santa Cruz California.

21. I wanted to be a forest ranger up until I was 20.

20. I once saw a Unicorn in the wild...kind of...really.

19. I attended four different colleges.

18. My favorite musicians are U-2 and Bruce Cockburn. It's a tie.

17. My favorite "current" authors are David Richo and
Thomas Moore.

16. I aspire to be a very good photographer someday.

15. I have cried more in the past year than in all my previous years combined.

14. I am a book collector. I specialize in illustrated books.

13. I own too many pairs of shoes.

12. I hope to get married again someday. Bag End has been a lonely
place for too long.

11. I have a Russian Icon that hangs above my bed.

10. My favorite vacation destination is Redwood National Park.

9. I think we should slash the military budget in half.

8. My two sisters married the same guy at different times in their lives.

7. I love the wind blowing on my face.

6. I don't get it why so many people like the popular reality shows.

5. I once beat my chess coach 40 plus times in a row.

4. I never acquired a taste for coffee,tea, beer, wine.

3. I eat a Healthy Choice chocolate bar almost every night.

2. Chris Matthews is my favorite political pundit and Charlie Rose my favorite

1. I hope to take a trip to Europe and go on a cross country drive before I die.


Kansas Bob said...

These were great thoughts Bill.. and very revealing! My thoughts on a few of them:

#25 - wow.. illness involved?

#21 - not surprised

#20 - what?

#16 - you are there in my mind!

#8 - that is a first for me

#5 - I'd like to get back into chess

#2 - I like Chris

#1 - stop by KC on that trip!

Bilbo said...

Hi Bob,

Thanks for chiming in...Here are a couple of answers/comments to your responses.

25. I got altitude sickness while hiking 60 miles in five days. I didn't eat for almost two days.

20. I was hiking in a state park in California early one morning and saw a "white" deer from a distance. I later learned it was a white Mediterranean fallow deer that had been transplanted from Europe. For about four or five hours though I wasn't sure what I had seen.

1. If I ever make it to your neck of the woods Bob I will take you up on your offer. I have actually met a number of people I have become friends with in cyberspace...and...if you ever come to California please look me up or at least ask me about where to go. I know the state like the back of my hand.

julieunplugged said...

#15: :( (((((BILBO))))

#22: One of my fave places.

#18: Nice.