Saturday, September 15, 2007

It's early Saturday morning and I have a lot to do today but I hope to watch some college football later today. I probably won't sit down and watch any game in it's entirety except for the USC/Nebraska game later this evening. There are some interesting and important games on tap today and here are my predictions....

Notre Dame at Michigan:

Michigan beats Notre Dame 17-10. It will be an ugly game for two ugly teams. No tears will be shed on my end of the things if both teams lose the rest of their games because I don't care for either team...especially Notre Dame...would you expect anything else from a USC fan???

Tennessee at Florida:

Florida beats Tennessee 31-20. I am giving the edge to Florida because the game is at Florida and Tennessee doesn't generally play up to expectations in big games...with that said....this could be a trap game for Florida because they have whopped up on a couple of pansies and they might be overrated and overconfident and Tennessee will come into the swamp with a chip on their shoulder...So, if there is a upset special this week, this could be the game.

Ohio State at Washington:

Ohio State beats Washington 21-14.The pundits are leaning towards a Washington upset but I don't see it. The Big Ten has taken its lumps the past two weeks but Ohio State will demonstrate that the Big Ten is not going to roll over. Ohio State will rise up and say enough is enough. Washington has a hot freshmen quarterback and they have won their two first games but Ohio State is too solid on defense and Washington will be reminded they still have a long way to go before they are a top ten team.

USC at Nebraska:

USC beats Nebraska 31-10. This is the biggest game in Nebraska in a long, long, time and the fans are hyped out of their minds. While the stadium will be a sea of red on Saturday the Cornhusker players will be seeing stars by the fourth quarter. I predict the hype will work against Nebraska because USC knows how to come up big in big games. They are 57-4 over the past six years and the only big game USC has lost was to Texas...and...they should have won that game. USC is too big, too fast, and too deep. Hostile environment or not Booty will calmly pick apart the Nebraska defense and the stable of Trojan runners will have their way by the second half. Over the past two weeks LSU and Oklahoma have received a lot of loving from the media but USC will demonstrate later today why they have been the most dominant college football program in the past six years.... Nebraska fans...Have fun at the tailgate party and the pre-game warm-ups...and enjoy your few moments in the sun in the early part of the game, while USC rubs off a bit of rust, but get out the crying towels at halftime because it isn't going to be a happy ending for Big Red machine. I know this isn't what you want to hear but you need to face the truth. A Cornhusker isn't in the same league as a Greek Warrior.


Dave said...

Pretty good picks, all in all. You got all the winners right. I assume that the 21 that Nebraska scored in the 4th quarter were "garbage" points obtained after the game was pretty much settled.

I don't suppose that you pay a lot of attention to Notre Dame, but they are getting savagely ripped out here. Charlie Weis is being seen as the ultimate con-man for getting a sweetheart 10 year deal back when the ND faithful were swooning over him after a fairly good start to his tenure, and there's even some open discussion of how similar the team's performance was under Tyrone Willingham and why didn't TW get the big contract extension right out of the box?

Not that I'm paying all that much more attn. to college football, just lettin' you know what I'm hearing.

Bilbo said...

I don't know if you caught any of the SC game but USC totally manhandled Nebraska. It was one of the most dominant performances I have seen in a long, long time. I actually pay alot of attention to college football and I am hearing the same thing about Charlie Weis out here. Personally, I don't have an axe to grind against Weis and think the criticism should be directed at the University for making such a dumb deal. Nobody deserves such a deal except for maybe John Wooden. Notre Dame's recent downfall is actually worse than anything under Tyrone Willingham. Five straight blow-outs going back to last year. No offensive touchdowns this year andl ast in total offense and minus yards rushing for the year...and...Notre Dame is going to get any breaks because outside of South Bend everyone believes Notre Dame gets preferential treatment, especially when bowl season comes around...but...they have lost, I think eight bowls in a row now...Notre Dame is in a real tough situation right now in and the only way out is to pull themselves up by the boot straps because they aren't going to get any help from anyone else...I don't wish ill on anyone or any team...but...I don't care what happens to Notre Dame...What else would you expect from a USC fan....