Thursday, January 18, 2007

Week-End Spectator Extravaganzas

Normally I try not to sit around and watch too much television particularly on the week-ends...and...during football season I seldom watch a game live so I generally tivo the games and watch them commercial free and in fast forward mode when it is convenient for me to do so. Over the years I have discovered that the body loves motion and too much butt time is detrimental to both my psyche and both my back and knees which is why I generally hike/bike at least four days a week...but...this week-end is now shaping up to some serious butt time with three movies and two football games in the hopper. The week-end serious butt time/spectator extraganza kicks off tonight with the movie Duma. I don't know too much about Duma but it did recieve a 93 per cent approval rating over at Rottentomatoes which is good enough for me to drop four bucks to hobnob with the more serious movie going elite crowd who congregate at the restored historical Fox theatre twice a month....Spectator Extravaganza event number two...Pan's Labyrinth...Originally I was going to travel to L.A. to see this film but the film is coming to Bakersfield this week-end so I won't have to spend twenty bucks in gas and travel four to five hours round trip to see this film. I have been eagerly anticipating this film for two weeks now. This film recently won the National Society of Film critics best film award and it recieved a twenty two minute standing ovation at the Cannes Film festival last year. Over the past two weeks I have read a significant number of reviews and I have yet to encounter a single negative review of this film which is very unusual since there is always someone out there with an axe to grind or a desire to just go against a tidal wave to get attention. Negative attention is generally better than no attention in the minds of some.If you missed his comments in an earlier blog entry, here is what Preacher Russ had to say about this film..."SEE THIS FILM...It'll blow you away. I saw it this afternoon and, although I was a little leary about the subtitles, it didn't take away anything from the overall effect...It was just a really COOOOOOOOOL film...dynamite effects...great storytelling...solid acting...excellent's got it all."...Extravaganza Event number three...Championship football...I am really looking forward to both games this Sunday and like most I am rooting for Indy and the Saints. Go Reggie Bush...Show em some razzle/dazzle moves you learned at USC. I am not going to make any predictions about either one of these games because I honestly believe they are all evenly matched and I don't want any more egg on my face after my bold, "wrong" prediction last week. Even, I, have a reputation to maintain....Extravanza Event number Four....I want to take my two sons on Monday to see the movie The Children of Men. I really wanted to take them to see Pan's Labyrinth but they shot down the idea of sitting through a foreign film with subtitles. I have tried to coax them past this obstacle for a number of days now but they are insistent they don't want to see the film so I'll wait until it comes out on DVD and they can watch it in English. Besides, I have heard really great things about The Children of Men and I have learned to not push my sons to far to accept something I want them to see, read or hear....Well, that's it for the upcoming week-end. Lot's of sitting on my butt but I suspect I'll find some time to get out and get a bit of exercise before I go back and forth between the movie theatre and my reclining chair which is where I go to watch football...

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