Thursday, January 11, 2007

Tomorrow morning there is a chance of snow as an arctic cold front moves into the area and drops the temperature into the 20 degree range early in the morning. I have lived in Bakersfield for 45 years and it has only snowed twice. Once in high school it snowed two inches but had completed melted by noon and the other time was about six years ago when it snowed somewhere between five to six inches. The chance for snow is only about 30 per cent but it would be super even if we only get a few snow flurries. Because we never get snow in my neck of the woods everyone goes nuts when it does snow. When it snowed six years ago everyone in the neighborhood was outside running around like a bunch of wackos by six a.m. and we had one grand snow block party for most of the day. It was magical. I am not getting my hopes up because the snow gods are rare in my neck of the woods but, just maybe, we'll luck out and get enough snow to throw a few snowballs or at least get enough to blanket the lawn and work a bit of magic for the folks here in the Bake where the sun shines and torches us to a crisp for most of the year. The weather has been rather strange for the past twelve months around here so maybe we'll get a break long enough for Jack Frost and Frosty the Snowman to make quick visit.

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