Saturday, November 25, 2006

The Leprechauns of the Midwest were no match for the Men of Troy this evening. Too much offense,defense, and team speed. I honestly thought Notre Dame had a chance in this game because I thought they had an edge in the motivation department and I figured the Irish offense was good enough to perhaps outscore the USC offense which has been up and down this year, but, boy was I wrong. USC just has too many great athletes on both sides of the ball and they have one of the great college coaches in recent memory. Under Carroll's leadership USC has only lost one game by more than six points in his tenure at USC and they have now beaten something like 19 out of the last 20 ranked opponents which is one of the most incredible stats in college football history.....Before the season began I predicted USC would lose two games this season, and they still might, but I never dreamed they would be in position to play in the national championship game this year. I know they still have to get past UCLA, but I just don't see a letdown next week because of Carroll's leadership and the superior athletes who are now peaking at the right time of the year which has become USC's signature under the reign of Pete Carroll.....If USC does beat UCLA, as expected this week-end, than they will face Ohio State for the National Championship. Ohio State is a great team but I think USC will give them a run for their money. Ohio State has lived up to all their expectations this year but Ohio State has yet to meet a team with so many great athletes who play so agressively on both sides of the ball. As I have said elsewhere, USC never plays to not lose. They play an agressive brand of football which is unmatched, imo, anywhere else in the why I think they can not only play with Ohio State but I now think they have a chance to beat Ohio State.....Confession time....I confess I had lost my confidence in the greatness of the USC football team for much of the season but I have been humbled by the play of USC for the past three weeks but I am now proud to report that I am back on the USC, is the best team in the country, bandwagon feels great!!! Trojans!!!!...and... Do what you have to do against your crosstown rival UCLA next week than show the folks out in the midwest and the rest of the country how we play football out here in Hollywood land...where...the weather is always sunny...the days are warm...and we know how to play smashmouth football with anyone in the country

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