Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Al Gore's movie "An Inconvient Truth" is loaded with scientific evidence that supports his assertion, and others, that the earth is getting warmer. I don't have any "scientific" evidence to pass along but I do have a boat load of anitdotal evidence from my neck of the woods.

1. Tonight I rode home after dark with my window rolled down.

2. I am still hiking and riding my bike at dusk in my shorts and a tee shirt.

3. I have yet to turn on my heater.

4. I have yet to wear a coat or even a light jacket in the morning or after dark.

5. It's the warmest November I ever remember.

6. Only a small handful of trees are turning color. Usually, by this time of the year all of the trees have turned color and some have even lost most of their leaves.

7. I am sleeping with only one lightweight polar fleece blanket on my bed.

8. I still sleep with the window open at night.

9. I'm going camping next week even though it is the middle of November because
the evening temperatures are still in the mid forties along the coast.

9. It was the hottest summer I ever remember. Thank God I was gone for three weeks
when it was between a 110-115 degrees for about two weeks.

10. It was the warmest January and February on record in Bakersfield last year
which means the heat wave has extended for four season's running now which is
something I never remember in the past...usually, in the past, if one season was
above or below normal the next season would be cooler or warmer than than

It's beginning to feel like winter is never going to arrive.
Southern California is known for their mild winters, but it is generally much
colder in the Central Valley where I live because the surrounding mountains trap
the cold air and fog for much of the winter...but...not this year...yet... just seems so strange going to a high school football game at night in
November and not needing a coat. If the weather doesn't begin to cooperate soon
than I expect Santa to arrive in Bermuda shorts and a surf board this year...
and...the beard will definitely have to go....

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Dave said...

November is feeling pretty normal up our way. Which is to say, grey skies, cold but not bitterly (yet), lots of drizzly and windy days that scrub the last of the leaves off the trees. Nothing much either way that would give added evidence to either side in the global warming debate. I've heard predictions that we're in for a very cold and snowy winter...