Wednesday, November 15, 2006

As I said before in my earlier blog entry on sex, "I confess that I may not have anything profound to add or contribute to this all important conversation" but I do have a few questions and observations. In my last blog entry I raised a number of questions, now I would like to add a few observations...


1. At this particular time in our country's history a significant number of people
seem particularly threatened by homosexuality, yet, from my current vantage point
heterosexual promiscuity seems much more of a threat to marriages and families. I
personally know three women who were molested by their fathers who were deacons
in their respected churches.

2. Sexual addiction is generally not just about sex, but rather, it is most often a
coping strategy people use to deal with emotional pain.

3. I suspect alot of people fear sexual passion because maybe they fear they will
lose control.

4. I suspect a significant number of people do not see themselves as sexually
attractive and thus do not feel comfortable with their bodies.

5. I suspect a vast majority of families, ever talk much about sex.

6. Alot of people's tone of voice changes when they talk about sex.

7. Most adult conservations seem to be short and to the point.

8. The schools specialize in talking about the mechanics of sex while the church
specializes in the morality of sex...and...the sex industry fills in the gaps.

9. People who have been sexually abused need healing and alot of support.

10. If sexual abuse is swept under the rug the consequences may be passed down
to future generations.

11. Sexual repression is like keeping King Kong chained. It may work for awhile but
eventually Kong is going to get out of his cage.

12. Sex and good food go hand in hand.


Dave said...

I pretty much agree with everything you said except #12. Good food is an asset but not essential in my experience...

Interesting thoughts, Bilbo... all these blog entries, I mean. It is pretty sensitive though, I admit, and I find myself largely unwilling to divulge much more of what your writing stirs up in my thinking... read between those lines to your hearts content! But I do appreciate your candor and the obvious time and reflective effort you've put into these posts.

Bilbo said...

Hi Dave,

I wasn't expecting, or hoping that you or anyone else would divulge any secrets. I didn't...and...I leave it up to you to read between the lines why I am willing to be candid and willing to raise the questions....