Saturday, November 25, 2006

Just got back from my week long camping trip and visit to my aunt's house on Thanksgiving. I'll have more to say about in a seperate blog entry Sunday night. I came back today because I wanted to see the Notre Dame/USC game. I am a big sports fan but at the present time there is only one sports team that I have a strong emotional connection with and that is the USC why I am currently in a state of anxiety regarding this game...and...if USC loses I will be bummed. There is a significant amount of anxiety regarding this game because I don't have a strong sense of who will win this game...and...I find myself going back and forth. Notre Dame has a great quarterback, coach, and revenge on their side but their powder puff schedule, imo, may be misleading regarding how really good are the Leprechans of the Midwest. USC, has great athletes, a vastly improved defense, and an underated offense to go along with a string of victories which includes winning 54 of their last 57...and...USC is 19-0, under Carroll during the month of November since he arrived on campus. Something has to break today. Either USC's, November streak, or Notre Dame's luck of the Irish, this year. They should of lost to both UCLA and Michigan State earlier this year. They better not hope on a miracle fourth quarter comeback in this game because USC does not play to not lose. Carroll's teams play aggressive and they will not allow Brady Quinn to sit back and drive down the field. Notre Dame better play as the frontrunner if they hope to win the game...I don't feel confident enough to go out on a limb and predict this year's winner which means that my only prediction is that the team that makes the most mistakes is the team that will lose...So, hold on to the ball, Booty, Washington, Gable, Jarrett, and Smith because, if you do, you might just find yourself playing for the national championship again.

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