Saturday, September 13, 2008

In approximately nine hours the men of Troy are going to go to battle against the Ohio State Buckeyes who are the pride of the Midwest and Big Ten football. I must confess I am nervous about this game, especially, now that Chris Wells the All-American tailback is not going to play. I am nervous because this is shaping up to be the classic David verses Goliath and over the years David has taken down Goliath more often than not. On paper and according to the armchair football pundits USC should win by a couple of touchdowns... but...and it is a big but... Ohio State is returning alot of players and they are going to play with a huge chip on their shoulder especially after the whipping that was put upon them during the last two National Championships blow-outs. I also am reminded how Ohio State rose above all odds and put it to the Miami Hurricanes who at the time were being lauded as the greatest college football dynasty of all time...On the other hand...I wouldn't be surprised if USC won by three touchdowns. Motivation can take a team to the edge of the promise land but you need talent to get you past the Giants who guard the promise land...and...USC, imo, has even more talent on both sides of the ball than the SEC teams that put a licking on Ohio State the last couple of years...There is a scenario where Ohio State could beat USC...and it is...turnovers and ball control...If Ohio State doesn't turn the ball over, can move the ball in small chunks up and down the field, and cause USC to turn the ball over than they can win. I don't think this will happen, but if it does, than Ohio State can again become the toast of the town in college football and they will again win the respect of the football pundits who are currently down on the Ohio State program. I don't think it will happen because the USC defense is so big and fast and they are more likely to cause turnovers than Ohio State...but...anything is predictions...If the game is close, I give the edge to Ohio State. If USC wins the turnover battle, look for a blow out...but I think the final score will be USC 24 Ohio State 10....Go Trojans!!!

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