Sunday, September 14, 2008

I guess my previous bit of anxiety about this game was unfounded. It's funny how even football fans aren't beyond using coping strategies to deal with the potential emotional pain associated with their favorite team not living up the hype and potential... Apart from the first quarter it wasn't much of a game. Oh, some Ohio State fans are suggesting what if this or that didn't happen but the bottom line is that USC is just a much better team...because, bottom line...collectively, USC just has too much talent...and...they have been stock piling talent for years. If there is a silver lining in the game for Buckeye fans it would be the play of the freshman quarterback Terrelle Pryor who played better than expected considering the national stage and the ferocity of the USC defense...and...they could be encouraged by the fact that the Ohio State coach Jim Tressel was not playing it safe. I admired his play calling on offense and they did what they could with the talent they does that leave us for the rest of the season?...Number two Georgia barely won and it doesn't look like USC is going to be seriously challenged the rest of the way... so... if injuries or a big head doesn't get in the way it looks like USC will be heading for another championship run this season. I'm not going to predict this early in the season a USC lock down championship this season but on the horizon it appears from where I sit that there are only a couple of teams out there who can match up with USC's talent and team speed. Oklahoma, Florida, and Georgia. I'm picking OU to challenge USC for supremacy this year...let's just hope for the same results when USC walloped OU in 2003.

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