Sunday, September 14, 2008

I attended a local Barack Obama fundraiser and organizational meeting last night at a local Basque restaurant and it was encouraging to see so much diversity. There were young people, old people, and every age in between. There were African Americans, Hispanics and suburban white guys like me. We were all one big happy political family under the umbrella of the Obama campaign. It was really nice being around so many people who are as energized as me about Obama. I live in a very conservative area and I seldom get the opportunity to rub shoulders with more than one person at a time who shares my political or religious perspective on the world. The whole event last night was kind of like sitting down and watching a USC game with a room full of USC football fanatics. It was just fun....My only complaint was the music. No U-2. Barack Obama national rallies seem to always open with U-2's City of Blinding Lights or It's a Beautiful Day. I'll have to talk to the local powers that be and maybe we can arrange to get some U-2 music at the next rally...Apparently the activity in the Democratic party in my neck of the woods has been working with a skeleton crew for some time now but it now looks like a potential sleeping giant may be waking up from decades of sleep.

I don't have much more to add to this story. It was a lovely evening hanging out with Obama Momma's and those of us who are new to the local political scene. There is a lot of things happening locally in the weeks to come and I'll try to post the latest happenings along the way. I'll be making some phone calls and working at the Obama booth at the fair and I am currently considering traveling out of state for a week-end or two and doing some work to get help Obama win the swing state of Nevada. I know the national polls have been leaning in McCain's direction for the past week or so but I am confident that the massive local organizational strategy of the Obama Campaign and the excitement and inspiration Obama has brought to the local rank and file will be more than adequate to bring to an end to another four years of policies that are bad for too many people in this country. Let's hope so...

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