Friday, May 02, 2008

"Summer 2008 is here – and it is here to kick our ass with a beautiful iron boot." Harry Knowles Aint it COOL News

My son asked me the other day if I would take him to see Iron Man this week-end.I hesitated, and then replied, "We'll see...let me see what my people on the street are saying about this movie." This morning I got up and checked to see what my people on the street were saying about Iron Man...and...I was surprised to read that Iron Man has the highest rating to date on Rottentomatoes. ...A whopping 95%!...Those are the kind of numbers generally associated with The Lord of the Rings, Schindler's List, The Godfather, etc...After reading a number of reviews I took a step back and realized this film is not in the league of the films I just mentioned but apparently the vast majority of the critics around the country do believe the film is entertaining enough to warrant the high ticket prices these days...So, if you are up for some entertainment this week-end and don't mind spending somewhere between 7.50 to 10.00 bucks for a couple of hours of entertainment you might want to check out this summer's first blockbuster....IRON MAN...

Here is what "my people on the street" are saying about IRON MAN...

Iron Man has equal parts brain, brawn, and balls, but what it doesn't want you to know is that it has an equally bleeding heart.

Based on yet another Marvel series, Iron Man has plenty of things going for it, the main assets being an enjoyably sardonic Downey, his hardware, and the downturned mouth of his new metal visage - a warning that this self-styled messiah means business.

A slightly-better-than-average popcorn epic featuring a performance from Downey that is so funny and inventive and entertaining that he pretty much winds up carrying the entire movie on his shoulders.

It's as if someone snuck a hefty slug of bourbon into your cherry cola; all of the sugar and flavor and fizz you expect from a well-made comic-book movie are there, but there's something a little more grown-up going on behind them.

Iron Man is the rare comic-book movie that makes the prospect of a sequel seem like a promise instead of a threat.

[It's] an absolute blast to watch, a consummate piece of popcorn entertainment made with wit and class, and it leaves you so pumped for a sequel that it is practically guaranteed to become a huge hit. The bar for the summer movie season has been set.

The ticklish fun of Iron Man comes from watching a happy cast in fighting trim make a concept that should sink like a lead dirigible do cartwheels on the ground and barrel-rolls in the sky.

Industrial-strength comic book moviemaking of the most entertaining order, Iron Man is darn near invincible fun, a perfect mix of high-tech dazzle and good old-fashioned charisma that's bound to leave audiences begging for more.

One of the hippest, best-written and best-directed superhero movies ever -- a splendid way to kick off the summer movie season.

[M]ight well be the perfect comic book movie... It's just pertinent enough to feel like it's set in something like the real world and just tongue-in-cheek enough not to get too heavy about it, but it's got enough self-respect to be sincere.

Despite several adrenaline-pumping moments, Favreau and Downey stay focused on the real story -- about a man learning to take responsibility for his actions. For all its firepower and CGI slickness, that's what really makes Iron Man fly.

Beneath the requisite spectacle is an issue-laden storyline with heart to go along with its brains.

Brilliant first hour, but then becomes like some strange legend about a Norse god who descended into the molten core of the earth and forged upon a mighty anvil...a Crosby, Stills and Nash album.

The combination of its realistic backdrop, boy's own adventure and Robert Downey Jr makes for a blast of a new style comic book hero in Iron Man. Above all, humour is what elevates this highly entertaining fantasy into something beyond our expectations.

Iron Man may not make the A-list of Marvel Comics' stable -- home to Spider-Man, X-Men and the Hulk -- but he may be the cinema superhero for the rest of us.

How much awesome was tonight’s screening of IRON MAN at the Alamo Drafthouse South with Jet Pack Man? It was like freebasing pop tarts. Ridiculously Fucking Awesome Fun.

This is the very first time in film history that a Comic Book movie wasn’t made by a Hollywood Studio, but by a Comic Publisher that decided to make movies on their own properties. MARVEL COMICS made IRON MAN. Paramount has done a fantastic job selling the movie, but MARVEL COMICS developed it, paid for it and made the film.
They have made the very first 100% uncompromised perfect SUPERHERO movie.


Dave said...

So you didn't actually see it yet, did you? I have been looking forward to this one more than any other comic book movie in recent memory - the preview looked promising and I'm glad to see that it delivered pretty well based on those comments you quoted.

I'm probably even more pumped about Speed Racer just because the eye-popping colors and my childhood memories of watching the cartoon - and the Wachowski Brothers imprint... Our weekend was busy but my youngest son and I will look for a chance to see it as soon as we can fit it in.

Any other flicks you're anticipating? Another Narnia movie soon, I know that. But otherwise haven't really looked ahead to the summer season all that much.

Bilbo said...

Hi Dave,

I am going to see Iron Man tomorrow with my two sons...There are a number of other movies I am going to keep my eye on this summer. Two come to mind, Dark Knight, the Batman sequel, and The Raiders of the Lost Ark. There are a number of other films on my radar screen and I'll probably post a blog entry later in the week...