Tuesday, August 21, 2007

These are the things I wonder about from time to time?

1. Is our economy going to collapse sometime in the next five years?

2. Are my sons going to find their niche in life?

3. Why is it so hot on the west coast where I live?...I live about a 100 miles from
the ocean?

4. Why do so many people fight over theological "particulars"?

5. Why do so many people want to impose either their religious doctrine or their
secular ideology on everyone else?

6. Why don't people have more sex?...It is free...and it feels good!...

7. How do so many incompetent people end up in leadership positions?

8. Why do I make some of the same mistakes over and over again?

9. Does God really care if we believe in the virgin birth story?

10. Will I ever be able to afford a house again in my lifetime?

11. Why aren't more people really pissed off at what is happening in Iraq, the state
of health care, and what is happening in the real estate market?

12. Why are there so many different kinds of insects?

13. Why did God create grasshoppers?

14. Why do interpersonal relationships require so much effort to get it right?

15. Why are so many people in this country afraid?

16. Why aren't more people concerned about the growing national and personal debt
problem in this country?

17. Why are test scores more important in education than creativity and imagination?

18. Why don't more people take time to relax and chill?

19. Why are their planets and stars?

20. Why did God create Dinosaurs and then allow them to become extinct?

21. Why do so many people feel threatened by non-conformists?

22. Is Bree, from Desperate Housewives going to ever reconcile with her son?

23. Why don't more people live in Washington and Oregon? They are incredibly
beautiful states.

24. Why are so many churches behind the times?

25. Does Bigfoot really exist?


Kansas Bob said...

Seems like questions should have answers:

1. No
2. Probably but what about me?
3. No oceans in Kansas
4. Insecurity
5. See # 5
6. Some people are women
7. Peter principle
8. You are human
9. Yes
10. Come to Kansas
11. Apathy
12. God's joke
13. See #12
14. No pain no gain
15. They are human
16. Apathy and selfishness
17. Metrics
18. Some do, some don't
19. Mystery
20. See #19
21. Insecurity
22. Already has
23. Jobs and money
24. Misnterpreation of the bible.
25. Only on TV

There you have it - I kind of enjoyed it :)

Hope all is well Bill.

Bilbo said...

Hi Bob,

I am doing fine...thanks...

Regarding your answers to questions

10. I'd die in Kansas Bob...no oceans or mountains...

14. I just wish there would be a little less pain and more gain...actually, I am doing quite well in that department at the present time....

22. I actually didn't want to know the answer to this question because I haven't seen season three yet...but...I suspected as much...

25. Actually I believe that Bigfoot "may" actually exist. Hope that doesn't destroy whatever credibility I may have had in your eyes...

Bookwoman2003 said...

Hi Bilbo,

I see you on Ill-Legalism -- and now I can quit contributing to that list! That's because you pretty well articulate exactly what I'd want to say, about most things.

As to your questions:
1. Yes, it will collapse, but probably in 10 years, if what the Chinese scholars I do freelance for are on target.

2. Of course they are!

3. I dunno--it's been that was for a long, long time. Why is it so hot in northeast Missouri?

4. This is a funny question. I do a lot of work with Reformation texts--and those people didn't even have TV or NFL or NBA, so they wrote Latin treatises to answer minutiae--and we still read them! The older we become, however, the less we are inclined to fight over them.

5. Well, hey, *I* am perfect, and *I* know what's right and true and good and beautiful. ..so you must listen to me!

6. STDs. Have you ever watched somebody die from AIDS? That'll slow down anybody's sex drive, especially someone not in a monogamous relationship!

7. Peter Principle. I got there, and I kept getting good performance reviews. I kept telling them that I was not the reason our press was flourishing--it was due to the employees that worked there, who had more sense than me, so I just let them go--and they were great!

8. Because, ahem, YOU are always right--it's the other folks who mess up your plans. So you try again and again, but that "other person" always messes it up. Right?

9. No.

10. Yes, if you move to the Midwest, out in the boonies like I am. I miss living on Lake Michigan, in northern Michigan--but I can afford to eat here in rural Missouri.

11. People get pissed off if the media tells them to be pissed off. Nobody "thinks" anymore. But, hey, I'm old, so what does anybody expect me to say?

12. To provide a wide cuisine for insect eaters.

13. To eat all the insects.

14. Because we're all nervous that we won't get it right--so of course we don't. Haven't you ever had a really close friend of the opposite sex. You two really hit it off--until one becomes romantic. Then, each gets terribly nervous and that messes up the relationship.

15. See Answer 11.

16. There are fewer and fewer people who even know about, much less remember, the Depression. We have been a land of plenty since they were born, so why shouldn't it just continue, they ask.

17. Too hard to make a bubble test for creativity and imagination. Besides, we can't leave any children behind, now, can we?

18. Because somebody might see them enjoying themselves. How can one be happy if he/she isn't so "important" that they don't have time to relax and chill. After age 65, more chilling goes on, though.

19. Unless God throws out a banner with the answer, we will never know. But the Bible tells us that sailors use them, and the Bible seems to think they're important in some way.

20. To give unemployed scientists something to ponder.

21. Fear of the unknown. See nos. 11 and 15.

22. Have never watched Desperate Housewives, so I wouldn't know.

23. Maybe they don't advertise themselves because they don't want newbies to ruin their utopias.

24. "Because we've never done it that way before." Where I grew up, it was OK to wear the fashions of 20 years previous, but not current fashio. I often wondered what would happen around 1985-90, because that wuld be 20 years after the miniskirt and love beads and all that. But by that time I had left the fundies, so never found out.

25. In many people's minds.

Bilbo said...

Hi Paula,

Nice for you to drop by...I am flattered by your comments but from what I have read of yours over at ILL-legalism I think you can articulate what you mean better than I. I make frequent spelling errors and run on sentences...and...every once in while I post something illogical or crazy...It's a genetic thing...By the way, are you related to Rick Presley?...I joined the group because of Rick...Rick and I have been interacting for years on several other discussion groups. Rick is a sharp guy but also very gracious. I'm probably much more radical than Rick, theologically/philosophically speaking, but I believe we have a mutual respect for each other...Thanks for dropping by and I appreciate you interacting with my blog

Kansas Bob said...

10. But you probably could afford a house in Kansas - we pay our teachers well ... at least in Eastern Kansas :)

22. Sorry about letting the cat out of the bag :(

25. Your credibility is still in tact.

Happy Monday!

Bookwoman2003 said...

Yes, I'm related to Rick. He's my eldest. You can see a picture of his parents, and siblings and spouses, and his 5 kids and his 3 nieces/nephews, at http://www.xanga.com/heartlandmom (you'll need to create a "site"--on which you can put nothing) in order to access it. If you can't access that, see http://web.mac.com/ppresley1/iWeb/Site/ and click on "Family Quilt Project" and slideshow. The first side tells why I haven't contributed to Ill-Legalism--I'm overwhelmed with work. Plus I spent a week sitting with my dear friend Kay before she died Sunday. Her funeral was yesterday.

Rick is great; even as a child, he never sassed --but he often zinged me with humor, which kept him out of trouble most of the time.