Monday, August 13, 2007

I first came across the name T-Bone Burnett years ago while listening to Bruce Cockburn. He produced some of Cockburn's albums. Burnett is not a household name in the world of pop music but he does have some significant street "cred" with the critics and is probably best known for his awards associated with composing the music for O Brother Where Art Thou? He is also produced some of Elvis Costello's albums and has recorded some albums of his own. Back in the 80's I bought his album The Criminal Under My Own Hat and following are the lyrics to the song by the same title. It's kind of nice to hear someone suggest taking a look at our own lives instead of blaming everyone else.


I've seen a lot of criminals
I've seen a lot of crimes
Doing a lot of evil deeds
Doing a lot of time

We speak of these men as aliens
>From some forbidden race
We speak of these men as animals
We will lock in a cage

But there's one man I must arrest
I must interrogate
One man that I must make confess
Then rehabilitate

There is no other I can blame
No other I can judge
No other I can cast in shame
Then require blood

I see him in the shadows down the hall
I see him in the plaster on the wall

There is no crime he cannot commit
No murder too complex
His heart is filled with larceny
And violence and sex

His heart is filled with envy
And revenge and greed
His heart is filled with nothing
His heart is filled with need

He' s capable of anything
Of any vicious act
This criminal is dangerous
The criminal under my own hat.

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