Sunday, August 12, 2007

New Blogging Strategy

Over the past six months my blog entries have been up and down in terms of consistency and I have gone as long as a month before posting anything and I suspect there are a couple of reasons for my inconsistency. For starters, and as I have mentioned before, I really have to work at writing. It's not second nature for me and I really have work diligently at putting something coherent together...Also, I put too much pressure on myself to put something together for public consumption which is probably due to being too self conscious about what others may think...but...whatever the reason...I am going to try to post more often and not try to put too much pressure on myself to put together something too serious or profound which I am prone to try to do probably too this point I am going to put into practice what I say and end this blog entry before I ramble on too much...and...hopefully be back sooner than later with a new leaner and meaner blogging entry...

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