Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Bilbo's New House

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Anonymous said...

Hey Bilbo, I enjoyed the pics of your new place... looks quite stylish, roomy and nicely arranged with all the Bilbo-esque paraphernalia all around (Middle Earth maps, some kind of viking ship, arty coffee table books on the mantle, etc.) A hobbit's paradise!

I hope you have a nice comfortable place to settle yourself this afternoon as your world gets rocked by the onslaught of a pack of lean and mean Wolverines! It's ON, brother! And let me remind you, we have a friendly wager (and gentleman's honor) riding on the outcome!

I'm looking forward to watching ONE and only one bowl game this winter... It's gonna be fun!

Bilbo said...

Hey Dave,

I have been up to my eyeballs getting my new place in order but I haven't forgotten about our wager. I will have a housefull of USC fans coming to my place later for the big game. Michigan may be the favorite,rightly so, and they may be "lean and mean" as you assert but I think it will be the Michigan offensive playmakers who will get rocked by the USC linebackers and safeties who are all big time you will see my friend...and...while the wolverine is the toughest/meanest animal pound for pound in the world the Greeks/Trojans are the greatest fighting warriors in the history of the world...