Saturday, July 01, 2006

I came across the idea for this blog entry while reading Isaiah Knows Nothing blog a couple of weeks ago and since I don't have any particular pressing personal matters at the current moment, fingers crossed, I thought I would lighten things up a bit around here before I take off for the wilderness in a couple of further ado, here are a few things I hope happen in the near future. These are not in any particular order in terms of importance. I am just writing whatever pops in my head....

1. Go to a U-2 concert

2. Travel to Europe, particularly Ireland, Switzerland, and Scotland.

3. Get more involved in helping men during their midlife years as they struggle and attempt to juggle job and family responsibilities. I'ts tough being a man at times.

4. Change my living arrangments.

5. Go on one more backpack trip before my back or knees completely go out.

6. Get through a school year without having to make major changes in my curriculum due to the ongoing education reform movement.

7. Meet Peter Jackson

8. Continue to improve my interpersonal relationships skills with family and friends

9. Make some new friends

10. Lose a about 30 pounds

11. Become content with the shoes I own so I am no longer tempted to buy new ones.

12. Visit the Eastern Sierra during the fall this year when the leaves are turning color.

13. Make contact with some old friends who I have lost contact with over the years.

14. Go to a USC football game.

15. Take my interest in photography to a new level.

16. Not become so overwhelmed when certain people push my buttons and trigger my issues.

17. Practice some of the meditative and spiritual disciplines I have been reading about for years but have yet to make time for on a regular basis.

18. Slow down and don't let myself get caught up in the drama of others

19. Don't always think of the worst case senarios

20. Be more generous with my money and less generous with my time

21. Get mad more often

22. Improve my trust in my own intuition and decission making skills

23. Do something crazy and spontaneous like getting in my car and just driving to Colorado

24. Stop worrying about how much the food costs when I go out to dinner.

25. And finally, move out of Bakersfield someday, hopefully sooner than later.....


Kansas Bob said...

Great to think about the future ... something i don't do very often ... I think I live too much in 'today'.

Have a nice vacation Bill.

Bilbo said...

Hi Bob,

Nothing wrong with living in the moment. Jesus talked about not worrying about the future, trusting God, and living one day at a time. That's my goal as well but easier said than done...oftentimes...Thanks for the vacation send off. I'm leaving on Tuesday, but will be back in ten days for a couple of days before I take off again. Oh, the life of a teacher!... I'll bring back plenty of pictures and post them on my blog.I hope you have a nice summer as well Bob in Kansas. Kansas is not on my vacation radar but I suspect the folks there are just like people anywhere else.....

Kansas Bob said...

Summer in Kansas City gets pretty hot. I've been in Colorado Springs since Friday visiting my commando son (actually US Army infantryman). Went up Pikes Peak yesterday ... only got to 13,000 feet ... turned around when it started to sleet.

And yes, people in Kansas are pretty much like everyone else - in the bible belt :)