Tuesday, January 08, 2008

At the recommendation of film critic Michael Phillips I watched the movie Once last night. Phillips listed this movie as one of his top ten films of the year and even asserts it is one of the great music movies of all time. I wouldn't go this far but I did really, really, like this film and recommend it for anyone who likes an independent film with some really great music. The story is set in Ireland and is a story about a blue collar Irishman who works for his dad during the day fixing vacuum cleaners while playing music at night on the streets. It is his dream to one day record a couple of songs in an attempt to make a living as a musician. One day he meets a young woman who loves his music and inspires him to follow his dream. And the rest of the story is about the two working together to make his dream come true. The movie has a lot of music but I wouldn't consider it a musical in the traditional sense because all the songs flow with the story line. If you like Irish, folksy, meat and potatoes music I suspect you might like this film. This is the second musical film I have seen this year, the other, Across the Universe. These two films are very different and both are great in their own way but I think I like this film better... and...for whatever it is worth, this film received a 98% approval rating over at Rottentomatoes...and...I really love the soundtrack which I bought yesterday.

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