Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Enigma's of Life

Oh.......the enigma's of life. On the psychological front it has been a tough week. Alot of anxiety, stress, and frequent nasty feelings I either can't identify, or perhaps don't want to....but yet.... On the physical front, I feel better than I have in ten years. I feel strong, youthful, and vibrant again, something I never thought I would feel again because I assumed it was all down hill when I reached forty. Physically I feel like I am on top of the world...yet...emotionally I feel needy. It's funny, interesting, and mysterious how life works that way enigma.....and.....It's easy to become narcisstic when the planets don't line up in ones personal life but life is full of reality checks for those who have ears to hear. Rampant poverty around the globe, three families living in the same house across the street, and friends on the edge of a meltdown. These are all daily reminders that life is tough and rough for a significant number of people.....But....each day, generally has it's tender, sweet moments. For me, it occured on the bike trail this morning while zipping downhill at around thirties miles an hour with the cool wind blowing in my face and the soundtrack of The Last Samarai blasting in my eardrum. Life's best gifts are simple and free........Tomorrow is a new day and this week will no doubt present it's fair share of problems and challenges but the potential for the sun to break through and make an appearance is generally ever present.....which.....makes life bearable and worth pursuing for it's own sake.........

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