Saturday, October 04, 2008

Chris Matthews: Welcome everyone to Hardball. Today's guest is Joe Six-pac from Idaho. Welcome Joe. What did you think of Sarah Palin's performance last night in the debate, Joe?

Joe Six-pac: Sarah body slammed the "other Joe", Chris.

Chris: But,the polls indicate that Biden won by double digits. CBS reported among non-committed voters that Biden won 46 percent to 21 and CNN reported Biden won 51 to 36.

Joe Six-pac: Come on Chris, what would you expect from two socialist leaning liberal bias news agencies? Drudge reported that 8 out of ten people who responded to their website said Palin beat Joe Biden, hand's down. Them's the facts Chris.

Are you suggesting Joe that Drudge is not bias?

Joe Six-pac: Everyone knows the liberal media is biased, Chris...except...the liberal media itself.

Chris: So, why do you think Palin won Joe?

Joe: Did you see the wink Chris?...come on...She hit him with the facts, hard, and often.

Chris: But, alot of her facts were simply wrong, Joe...and...she often distorted and stretched the truth. It was like watching a female version of Pinocchio.

Joe: There you go Chris. Attacking her. That is all the liberal media knows how to do.

Chris: Joe, don't you care if she gets the facts straight?

Joe: You liberal media socialists wouldn't know a fact if it hit you between the eyes.

Chris: Let's move on...Palin looked and sounded like a robot...She didn't answer many of the questions...and...she simply repeated the talking points her handlers have been feeding her over the past week? Doesn't that bother you?

Joe: What bothers me Chris is that Biden and Obama are socialists...and...all they know to do is tax and spend.

Chris: You didn't answer my question Joe.

Joe: I am not going to play the liberal media's favorite game of gotcha.

Chris: So, Joe, why do you think Sarah Palin is qualified to be the next Vice President?

Joe: She is a maverick Chris, and she is going to clean house in Washington when her and McCain win in November.

Chris: Really...Where is this unbridled confidence coming from? What makes you think McCain and Palin can control the Democratic house and senate?

Joe: Not sure what unbridled means. The liberal media always uses big words when they can't handle the facts. That is why they are elitists.

Chris: Biden and Obama assert that McCain and Palin represent four more years of George Bush. Can you explain how a McCain/Palin ticket is different from Bush in the areas of foreign policy and the economy?

Joe: Didn't you listen to what I said earlier Chris? Palin and McCain are mavericks....All Biden and Obama want to do is surrender in Iraq and tax and spend. McCain will win the war in Iraq and bring our soldiers home with honor...and...McCain will capture Bin Landin. Did you know Chris that Obama voted to cut off support for the troops?

Chris: Joe, did you know that McCain voted against funding of the troops as well?...and...he voted against increased spending for vets.

Joe: How dare you question McCain's patriotism. He served this country with dignity and honor and has always put his country first...unlike...Obama who is only interested in himself.

Chris: There you go again, trying to change the subject and not answering my questions. You are beginning to sound like Sarah Palin.

Joe: There you go again Chris...attacking me...

Chris: Do you guys ever feel an obligation to answer any questions of the media?

Joe: We answer the questions Chris, but the liberal media don't listen because they are bias.

Chris: Look of frustration...moving on...Yesterday, McCain asserted that he has told the absolute truth 100% of the time. Do you really believe this Joe?...

Joe: The liberal media wouldn't know the truth if God delivered it personally. I believe John McCain, not the liberal media.

Chris: In closing...I'll give you the last word Joe. Tell the American people why Sarah Palin would make a good vice President.

Joe: She will make a great VP because she will bring American values back to the White House...and...she, and McCain will get our economy back on track by cutting out all the pork barrel spending in Washington that has occurred since the liberals took over the congress. She will make America the shining light on the hill that Reagan talked about...but most important...she and McCain will stop this country from becoming a socialist country which is what "will" happen if Obama and Biden win the election. The choice is simple. We can choose socialism and tyranny or we can choose democracy, capitalism, and freedom.

Chris: Thanks Joe...


Kansas Bob said...

This is one of the best interviews I have read.. I am still smiling Bill.. I do think that there was one error though.. Joe Six-pac is from Kansas not Idaho.. I think that I have met him :)

Bilbo said...

Now I am not going to let you monopolize Joe Sixpac Bob. We've got our fair share of them in my neck of the woods. On a more serious note...I am not trying to poke fun at the working class. Were all in this sinking boat together. I just don't want a Vice President who acts or thinks like one. Nothing personal Joe if you happen to stumble across this blog. I think Palin is trying to use Joe for political gain and I am poking fun at her efforts...not at Joe...