Monday, July 28, 2008

I just got back from my annual three week vacation whirlwind treking tour. This year I spent a week along the Oregon Coast, the Redwoods, and Central Oregon near Bend. I don't have too much too say about my vacation which might be of interest to others since reading about other's peoples vacations is I suspect, generally not something most folks are interested'll keep this short and "hopefully" a bit sweet. I did the usual sightseeing, riding my bike, hiking, and taking pictures...but...this year, I did alot of reflection, reading, and journaling. If you want to see some of my vacation pics you can see them at Bilbo's Adventures.

And, if you want to check out "one aspect" of my reflections you can go over to my blog on relationship which is located at Soulful Relationships.

It was a pretty intense vacation on the psychological front but I'll skip the details for a later blog entry perhaps in the future. I'm back, life is good and beautiful, which I am always reminded of when I travel, but now it is time to dig in and deal with life as it with the rest of my fellow pilgrims.


pearlie said...

since reading about other's peoples vacations is I suspect, generally not something most folks are interested in

haha ... thanks for the heads-up. I agree with you and looks like i have to cut down on that.
BTW, I'm Pearlie and I got here through Kansas Bob.

Come to think of it I did not talk much about my trip other than what I learnt (it was a train-the-trainer trip) - I did photoblog it though and it received much better response :) here for the next 4 posts of when I was in Mumbai.

I gather you are a photographer too. I am a very new at it and an amateur to the core :)

Bilbo - nice name ;) I think I am more of a "Sam"!

pearlie said...

sorry, what I meant was = here for 5 photoblog posts of when I was in Mumbai :)

Bilbo said...

Hi Pearlie, or is it Samwise Gangee?...

Nice for you to drop by. Photography is a hobby. I am a teacher by profession. I noticed you are a part time theology student. Theology and philosophy are an interest of mine. I don't talk much about them on my blog but I have participated in theology/religion/philosophy discussion groups for years. Good luck with your theology studies....

pearlie said...

Hi Bilbo,
Yes, I do know you are a teacher :) I did read your profile before commenting -- you did not add that you are a photographer, albeit a hobby. Your pictures are great btw! I especially like the of the beach with a starfish - very nicely composed.

Yes, I take biblical studies on a part time basis - or in a sense you could call me a self-financed student! haha

We do have our reasons to blog and mine is mainly a life journey, and so it is really a myriad of many different things. Some may say there is no focis! But I suppose it tends to be gravitate to theology because I take it to muse and meditate on God's word and lessons mostly.

God bless,